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Which I with sword will open

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Hello, stranger!

This community is a brainstorming archive for original ideas, plots, and characters by [info]halcyonjazz and [info]moonsheen, created separately or by collaboration (95% of the time it is the latter). Because of this, the contents of this community are viewable to members-only. This is mainly to protect us from thefts of ideas and content while still allowing us to share our stories with an audience as we develop them.

A lot of material created and posted to this comm may contain adult content inappropriate for readers under 18. We are not going to ask for age-confirmation, but don't go telling us if you are under 18 either.

Please read this post for rules and info on gaining access.

An index reference to our canons can be viewed on the sticky post on the comm.

Completed projects and stories are available for public viewing at our domain:

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art, brainbabies, character designing, characters who won't leave us alone, chickenscratch comics, complicated political misunderstandings, complicated sexual misunderstandings, cry havoc, deconstructing the gary stu, failing at pointless porn, fiction, gay everything, ladies we want to grow up to be, motherfucking ust to kill, okay straight sex too, original, plotting, political plots in everything, role play, secret ot3s in everything, sfeer theory, sometimes we do oneshots, world building, wrens make prey, your lurkership
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